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5 Cold Weather Plumbing Tips In Olympia

Let’s face it, an unexpected plumbing problem like frozen pipes is one of the last things you want to deal with this winter in Olympia. A few simple precautions can help keep your home’s plumbing system damage free, leaving you with some peace of mind.

  1. Know Where Your Home’s Water Main Is

    This isn’t just a winter tip - this is our #1 all-year round most important piece of advice. Getting your water shut off promptly in the event of a leak will help save your home from unnecessary and costly water damage. Locate your valve AND make sure to test it see if it works. Quite often in the Olympia area, we find valves that either do not work at all or only partially shut the home’s water off.

  2. Protect Your Pipes From The Cold

    Although temperatures don’t often get low enough to freeze pipes in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Dupont areas it does happen. Adding insulation to any exposed piping can be a low-cost solution to prevent high-cost damage. Keeping those pipes warm will stop them from freezing, which often creates breakage in the lines when the frozen water expands.

  3. Be Prepared On Cold Nights - Drip, Drip, Drip!

    During times when there is a potential for pipes to freeze, leave a couple of faucets open to allow a trickle of water through. This will relieve any pressure in the pipes if they were to freeze, preventing burst pipes.

  4. Remove Hoses From Outdoor Faucets

    Every time the temperatures drop, we receive calls for broken lines to outdoor faucets. When a hose is left on, the water is trapped inside and can freeze and expand putting a hefty amount of pressure on your plumbing system. Until we start seeing warmer temperatures, it is best to unhook that hose and install a faucet cover.

  5. Close And Drain Shut-Off Valves To Outdoor Fixtures

    If you have dedicated shut-off valves to any of your outdoor faucets or sprinkler systems, closing and draining any residual water from them is a simple way to guarantee safety from the cold.

We hope these tips keep you from dealing with plumbing emergencies and doing things you love instead!

A leak from frozen pipes in Olympia may not happen often, but being prepared is important.

A leak from frozen pipes in Olympia may not happen often, but being prepared is important.